An Introduction of Sorts

My first trip to Turkey (Bursa) circa 2009 seemed to be the perfect time to try my hand at blogging. I set up a no-frills Blogger account, and I wrote about my first impressions. Of course, these were the standard impressions of any American finding herself in a foreign country, in a city of the beaten track (or at least, tourist track). The winks too many, the western style toilets too few, and the magical Turkish baths a welcome respite from the dirt (and second-hand smoke) of a growing metropolis. Looking back on these first observations I squirm at the absolute naiveté of it all. Thankfully, only a few friends and family members were privy to my first foray into the world of blogging.

I was reluctant to continue blogging during my graduate studies at Sabanci University. Short on time and hardly enough energy to make it through Professor Berktay’s assigned readings, I couldn’t fathom keeping up a blog. Extra time was spent taking cat naps in the library, tea breaks in one’s office, and prolonging the weekend breakfast at the yemekhane (cafeteria). Writing was for analyzing gender in the early Turkish education system and minority rights in the modern Turkish Republic, not for leisurely blogging. I envied my classmates who found the time to post a few snippets of their life in Istanbul. Surely their friends and family back home were more than appreciative.

My second attempt at blogging was surprisingly quite successful. As the Resident Director for one of the US State Department’s scholarship programs, my target audience was my students’ parents. With strict limitations on the students’ own internet and phone usage, I felt a blog would be a great way to offer their parents some peace of mind. With sparse text and lots of pictures, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. This blog is still live and not a half bad resource if you want to explore Bursa or learn more about the NSLI-Youth program.

Back in Turkey, after a failed job search in the Midwest and a stint on the East Coast, I have transitioned into a career in marketing and business development. I now feel obliged to approach writing as a targeted marketing tool, and my creativity is limited to my reign of the office’s social media. But, for some reason, I fail to use 140 characters as creatively as many of my contemporaries, let alone the Gezi Park protestors. Lucky enough to follow these change-makers, I feel privileged enough just to be able to retweet their words on my personal handle.

With a full-time job and plans to start a small business on the side, I certainly didn’t feel like I had the time to start another blog. That is – until my friends encouraged me to start one, and not just any blog, but a restaurant blog, in fact.  Of course, I had plenty of excuses to offer, but perhaps the one that weighed most heavily on my mind was that I didn’t want to be that expat. But friends kept urging me. Start one, they said, if not for others, at least for yourself so you can remember all the places you go!

And, at the end of the day, with an account set up on a whim some weeks earlier, I figure why don’t I pen a few words? If there’s one thing I can write about, it’s Istanbul’s food scene, maybe a few day excursions, and a couple Turkish bath reviews thrown in. At least I will no longer feel guilty for planning my weekends around trying new restaurants, and now, I have a decent, if not valid reason to take pictures of my food. My you-can-pass-go card of sorts. Enjoy 🙂


3 thoughts on “An Introduction of Sorts

  1. Sounds like your life has been full of changes and new challenges in the past few years. I really loved reading your post and look forward to the posts that come, your writing technique is fascinating and I’m sure you blog will hit off quickly. It also took me a long time to start writing my blog, more for the reason of not knowing my niche and lack of confidence. But as I’ve been told ‘writing is a medicine of its own’ and as you probably know from your student blog, it is very addictive. Good luck and I look forward to reading more. XX

    • Many thanks for your thoughtful response! I just started writing and really haven’t had a chance to share the link with anyone, so it was a nice treat to open up the blog and see your feedback. I look forward to writing more and will be sure to check out your blog as well. All the best -K

      • I too just started writing and am finding my feet. One thing I do know is that I love doing it. Good luck and continue the good work xx

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