Exploring Istanbul’s urban food system on the Princes’ Islands

I’ve started writing for the Miracle of Feeding Cities, a website that explores the urban food system in some of the world’s major cities. The project is supported by the University of Texas at Austin and it is a great initiative that has got me thinking more critically about Istanbul’s food system and the sustainability of our current food practices.

Check out my article on the Princes’ Islands where I took a look at the islands’ food distribution system and its opportunities and challenges. A big shoutout goes to Gurkan for helping me with the interviews and research and Becky Altinman for being extremely helpful throughout every step of the process – providing first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to live on Buyukada, how the locals navigate the local food landscape, and connecting me with the friendly people of Plus Kitchen!


One thought on “Exploring Istanbul’s urban food system on the Princes’ Islands

  1. What a pleasant new discovery of a website, Miracle of Feeding Cities! I’ve been a long-time local grocer shopper and farmers’ markets. I only go to Carrefour for my sourdough bread, but am faithful to my rule of buying fruit and veggies at a local grocer, though they can be more expensive sometimes. I’ve become accustomed to bargaining after 2 years of living in Istanbul, though sometimes the sellers are annoyed with me buying only two cucumbers, one peach, two tomatoes, etc. 🙂 I prefer to shop often than stock up.
    I’ve never thought about how people, besides rich villa owners, live on the Princes’ Islands. The next time I visit the islands, I will pay more attention. Thanks.

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