Runway show at Istanbul Fashion Week

My friend Olivia was visiting from Boston this past week and we were lucky enough to get tickets to Istanbul Fashion Week thanks to the help of my roommate. It was my first fashion show so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was surprised to see that not everyone attending was dressed in high fashion. I know it’s not New York Fashion Week, but I expected to see more extreme outfits. Everything appeared to be on the wearable spectrum. This was lucky for me since I had come right from work in the pouring rain and didn’t feel horribly out of place.

Before the runway show, we had a chance to walk around and check out the various promotional booths  and shoot a few Ellen-style selfies in front of the Istanbul Fashion Week backdrop. When we finally entered the runaway area, I was surprised to see that it was exactly how I  pictured it based on what I’d seen in the media. We took a second row seat right next to where the models walked out – a perfect location to see the the models and garments up close.

The show we attended was Tuba Ergin‘s ‘Giga-Bites’ 2014 Fall/Winter collection. You can watch it in its entirety here. I thought the music and backdrop complemented the collection nicely, and I was happy to see relatively healthy-looking models. My favorite garment was the short black dress on the blonde model towards the end of the video clip. Although the video clip doesn’t do the dress justice, it had a really nice shape and looked great in person.


The opening of Giga-Bites


Models walk the runway


The finale

We also ran into fashion photographer friends M & F Barranco who were photographing Istanbul Fashion Week. Check out their awesome work here.